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“Portraits of Artists”

Exhibition of photos, paintings and drawings. From April, 12th till May, 12th, 2010.

Works of Anatoly Slepyshev, Natalia Nesterova, Vladimir Brajnin, Konstantin Batynkov Ilya Kabakov, Nikolay Polisskii, Michael Shvartsman, Oleg Kulik, Grishi Bruskin, Masha Majkova, Vera Elnitskaya, Olga Pluzhnikova-Orlova, Kerop Sogomonjan, Konstantin Sutjagin and photographs of artists made by an outstanding Master of a portrait genre Lev Melikhov, a classic of a modern Russian photography will be presented at the Gallery.

Melikhov's lens, being initially the same as any other lens, and operating with the same external realities - external covers of objects and subjects, irreproachably, with surgical accuracy, gets both into a character essence, and in essence of things.

The photographs of the artists made by the Master of photography, will supplement "a portrait" graphics of Masters of painting and drawing. Probably, it will allow spectators, to reveal that imperceptible communication between the person of the creator and his product.

We are waiting for you in the “LES” gallery from April, 12th till May, 12th, 2010.
Working hours: Tu.-Sat. from 11:00 till 20:00, Sun. from 12:00 till 20:00, Mon. - the day off.
Free entrance.

Selected works

“Infa” by Igor Konovalov
Forever ours!