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Exhibition “Fractals. Structured chaos”

16 January – 27 February

Moscow art gallery “LES” presents the first in Russia exhibition of fractals. For the first time in our country the show of these unique digital images is displayed not only at the Internet galleries, but in real exhibition space, which constitutes big originality of the project. There are more than 25 works at the exhibition, that reflect a fashionable trend of today named science art – the combination of the creative activity and science achievements.

We live in the age of informative technologies, high speeds and technological breakthroughs. Alexey Ermushev is a mathematician by the education, now a businessman, but just new technologies have inspired a scholar to create, in such a way reflecting urgent processes of our reality. In his works the artist expresses fundamentally new – digital – perception of the world. Already now all visual and sound images are possible to be digitized and, with the help of contemporary technologies, reproduced in the form of laser holograms, on the computer screen or in 3D-mode.

Alexey Ermushev is one of few people who literally tries to digitize emotional perception of the world. However the things he makes are impossible to call the pure result of human fantasy. All the images displayed on the show are created by the input of binary codes and mathematic formules into special programs. As a result of this process the unique graphic pictures were made, that is possible to characterize as emotional perception of the world by a machine.

How does the creation on the meeting of human mind and artificial intellect look like? are contemporary high-technology machines capable to sensual perception of the world? – You can draw the conclusions yourself, visiting Alexey Ermushev’s show “Fractals. Structured chaos” at “LES” gallery.

Selected works

Nikita Garets “Spin city”
Forever ours!
Roman Usachev “Private space”