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Exhibition “Water and banks”

On December the 3d the exhibition “Water and banks” of the artists Nadezhda Krestinina and Igor Kamyanov will open in the LES Gallery in the House of Artists at Vavilova Street.

It will last till the end of 2010 and will be the one to close the first exposition year of the LES Gallery. Nadya and Igor are known Moscow artists with extensive Russian and foreign exhibition history. Their vernisage history coincides since 1990, their exhibitions become pair; and later on they become not only a creative, but also a matrimonial duet. The main thing for an artist is painting itself, and essentially subject painting, though at first sight it also can be taken as abstract (many do so). Motives, plots, are always obvious and simple, but “Krestinina’s genre distinctness makes impression of something hardly extracted from fluid picturesque elements” (This, possibly, makes charm and attractiveness of Nadya’s art); works of Kamyanov are dialectic, thoughtful and attractive with special, only his inherent perception of space … bordering with other spaces.

Ascetics to Gourmets.
Both Krestinina and Kamyanov are refined colorists, "composers" of color. Their works for a long time remain in one’s mind; and it is a pleasure to feel them and last in memory. “Coloristic asceticism “, that is what has taken roots in Kamyanov; yes, it is asceticism, but how its color system weaved from dairy smokes, twilight shades and gray modulations gives a feast for eyes, such thin, gourmet abundance? Absorption in emotion of color, charm of color, accords of color - that is Kamyanov. Almost constructivist construction, cold philosophy and gentle lyrics at the same time - that is Kamyanov. Always clear structure, laconic composition, and illusoriness, blurriness of colors; and operating with not separate color, but color, light tonalities … And rhythm, rhythm, rhythm, — again rhythm! It is not an accident that even Kamyanov’s landscapes give and impression of architecture. The personal concept of space on which he insists; the composition tasks can seem monotonous only to unsubstantial spectator; the artist has a search, so called search of perfectionist…

Works of Krestinina are fragments and shots of the complete world; it’s all about eternal and all are fragments of eternal. Her works show the highest level of graphic and picturesque culture, but they are also attractive with the questions of philosophy, personal philosophy of Nadezhda Krestinina (as well as works of her husband) . They make deep, spiritual impression. What are they about? According to the artist, probably, they show “a daily tide of life, its familiar ordinary running, which when specially, correctly illuminated, turns suddenly into a precious hieroglyph of happiness”. Some critics have an opinion that Krestinina in comparison with Kamyanov is picturesquely more direct and irrational. But works of Krestinina, plastically expressional and "rich" in color, are even rigid and expressive in sense; and aren't womanly. Frequently they carry of bitter humor and sense so obvious and powerful that one feels not comfortable. Her works are “endured", is not that the main thing?

Private world of philosophers, world-observers…
“A river and banks” present an echo over water, movement, infinity of movement, — and difference of forms, embracing this fluid world. Certainly, if we draw analogies, Krestinina and Kamyanov are aristocrats from painting, and their works are addressed to the same kind of collectors. Nadezhda and Igor are doomed to spiritual making, spiritual work, and hence, to new horizons, evolution; are doomed to professional development. Why? Because they are the sample of a rare duet of extremists in art, uncompromising in estimations of each other. Such paired relationship is a pledge of creative growth; and a condition for overcoming everyday difficulties…

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Selected works

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