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The opening of the “Spin city” exhibition by Nakita Garets

On February 29 the exhibition of the artist Nikita Garets named “City circles” has been opened in the LES Gallery. The project including painting and graphics is devoted to city suburbs and dormitory suburbs.

The LES Gallery has opened a new exhibition season with the project of a young artist Nikita Garets. Although the artist is only 20 years old, he has already had some personal projects in private galleries, participated in the II biennial of young art “Stop! Who is coming?” (Moscow) and projects of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. The violoncello class graduate of musical school, today Nikita Garets studies to become a set designer and actively works in the sphere of visual art – painting, graphics, video, and street - art projects etc.

The “Spin city” project had begun in 2010 and unites pictorial and graphic works. The artist is interested in megalopolis, his inhabitants, moods, images. Impressed by the Soviet standard architecture of suburb districts of big cities, the artist in deliberately modern, almost "comics" and animation manner snatches out bright images of persons and megalopolises, chaos and a peculiar harmony of the stone jungle and inconsistent moods of their inhabitants from his own memoirs. Bright, "luminescent" landscapes are drawn as by felt-tip pens or color chalks (actually – oil); they "move", breath, feel nostalgic, live … In a never-ending rhythm of windows, fires, avenues, garages and highways surely there is a place to a human figure – small, integrally coexisting with the monotonous, multistoried world and almost dissolved in it. The deserted city blinking by fires in the works of Garets turns to the viewer by different sides: lonely and multi-populated, disturbing or silent, desperate, romantic, native, alien … and behind each window passes individual, unique human life.

At the opening the author told the audience about creation of pictorial and graphic series of works and signed catalogs.

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