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Forever ours!

The second project of Aleksandr Lavrov form Nizhny Novgorod which opens in the LES Gallery on October 20th combines paintings and objects from several series: “Identification of Cheburashka”, "Time", “For our victory”, "Gagarin", “Forever ours!” and "Pop-altar”.

The exhibition combines several projects made at various times and presented in the galleries of Nizhniy Novgorod and Moscow, among which are “Identification of Cheburashka”, "Time", “For our victory”, "Gagarin", “Forever ours!” and "Pop-altar”, united by the theme of the Soviet symbols and heroes of the Soviet period. Not only real people act as such heroes, but also all favorite animated characters. At the exhibition not only paintings, but also objects representing such characters will be presented in combination with symbolism, giving deliberate monumentalism to the exhibition.

The spectator is invited to answer some questions: How we treat now those who many years ago were undoubted idols? Are there still such objects of unconditional, not discussed belief and love? Is their absence a good sign? Or is it possible to name absolute nihilism, cynicism and disbelief in what, and whether it is good a sign of modern life? Or may be absence of any authorities and valuable reference points expands an outlook and removes ideological blinders from one’s eyes?

The project of Lavrov isn't an attempt to somehow deride the last epoch or to show its falsity. This is a discussion on a theme of what we had, in what we believed, what was the inviolable and not discussed standard for us, and the most important – why it still touches feelings in everyone who lived at that time? Doesn’t that mean that till now we are moving forward with our head turned back?

«Forever ours!» — is a touching, ironic-absurdist look at ourselves; a nostalgic project about our past and present.

Every time has its own heroes. They are symbols of their epoch and they are forever.

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