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Ilya Komov “Voix de la lumiere”. Galerie Etienne de Causans

“LES” Gallery presents a personal exhibition of Ilya Komov paintings “Voix de la lumiere” which will be conducted from September, 30th till October, 6th in Paris.
Илья Комов «Композитор Иад Элиас», 2009, холст, масло, 90х90 см

Russian and French cultures inspite of all external dissimilarity, at internal, deep understanding of the world, are very close, related phenomena. They are united by bright and quivering love to all positive things, and this relationship is unique. Not without reason some people say that Frenchmen have learnt beauty of life, and Russian people pleasure of life.

The pleasure and beauty of life in both cultures are clearly expressed in inclination to a light. And color, as a light expression, is the main force both in Russian and French fine arts. Color is a voice and a soul of any image, its internal essence. Not without reason great Matisse appreciated Old Russian icons so much, saying it was the top of fine arts.

Ilya Komov is one of a few modern artists, who prefer to work in bright juicy colors; he shows not only external "chromaticity" of objects and subjects, but their internal, hidden sides — the fragile secret world of a person, "chromaticity" of a human soul. I. The author himself characterizes his art as a portrait, or a landscape, written in the “Russian-French language”, based on experience of ancient (from Russian fresco) and modern (from French paintings of the20thcentury) arts, where the Color expresses the essence of the Image.

The unique combination of traditions of an Old Russian fresco and the French fauvism, along with the gift of picturesque freedom, allows Ilya Komov to reach depth and bright emotionality of the works. The Russian and French works of the artist differ in plot and mood, in characters of the represented people; but they are internally united by the “voice of light”, juicy, vital language of painting.

Portraits of the people known in both countries (from Komov's portrait project “Find the person!”) and landscapes painted in Russia and France, will be presented at the “Voice of Light” exhibition.

The exhibition will take place in Paris, from September, 30th till October, 6th, 2010.

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