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Plastic and Graphic arts. Dronov and Vdovin

The “LES” Gallery invites you to visit the “Plastic and Graphic arts” exhibition from July, 23rd till September, 13th, 2010. Sculptor Mikhail Dronov, artist Vasily Vdovin

This exhibition is about Form and Content. Form and Content as products made by the artist and the sculptor.

You will see Vasily Vdovin's graphic works – expressional and metaphoric. Plasticity of form, its layout is always inseparable from initially sculptural, spatial representation of any object, and the works of Vdovin make it especially obvious.

The plasticity of sculptor Mikhail Dronov makes impression of an absolute animation of an image. Only the Form becomes the carrier of the Substance, its speaking body.

Some works from Vasily Vdovin's thematic series are presented at the exhibition. These are three acrylic works named "Vatican", «Rocks of Sardinia», some graphic pieces from «Animal passions» and «Female images» cycles.

Certainly, a material used by an artist, influences future type of an image, dictates special terms. The “Plastic and Graphic arts” exhibition allows us to see the products of the artist executed in various techniques: oil, acryl, oil pastel, distemper. The small forms of bronze sculpture made by Mikhail Dronov are presented in a range from neoclassic to ascetic, almost constructivist products. You will see the whole gallery of images; you will feel sense and power of deep philosophical figures and compositions, tragicomic grotesque, ease, lightness. Paintings of animals are always the decoration of any exposition, and our exhibition once again confirms a charm of animalistic works.

Mikhail Dronov's sculpture are presented at the State Tretyakov gallery, the State Russian museum, the Moscow museum of the modern art, the Moscow “LES” gallery, the Royal museum of the Netherlands, in private collections of America, England, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Russia.

The exposition gives possibility not only to see the world-famous works of the sculptor, but also to buy his unique works. The genre of small forms of sculpture is not as wide known in Russia yet, as it is in the West. Such exhibitions certainly, stimulate the development of this genre in Russia and promote it.

The exhibition will last from July, 23rd till September, 13th, 2010.

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