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Aleksandr Lavrov

Aleksandr Lavrov was born in 1962 in Nizhniy Novgorod, where he lives and works at the present moment. In 1979 he has finished the Gorki Art School. The artist works in a wide spectrum the techniques - from painting and a drawing to objects and media. Aleksandr Lavrov was the participant of many exhibitions in Russia and abroad (A.Glezer’s collection). He is a nominee for the Kandinsky-2009 and-2010 Awards ("TVs" and "GAS" projects). The «Found albums» project in the LES Gallery became the first personal exhibition of the artist in Moscow.


1985Exhibition in the Institute of foreign languages (Gorkiy)
1987Exhibition in the House of the Architects (Gorkiy)
1988Exhibition in the House of the Architects (Gorkiy)
1989Exhibition in the “Orlyonok” Cinema
1990«Other generation» Exhibition (Gorkiy)
1993 «Modern Russian art» Exhibition (A.Glezer's collection) (Krymskyi Val, Moscow.)
«About this» Exhibition (The House of Actor, Moscow)
«About this» Exhibition (The House of Actor, Moscow)
«A.Glezer's collection» (The Art museum, Nizhniy Novgorod)
«Modern Russian art» (Vladivostok)
1994“Modern Russian drawing” series of exhibitions of A.Glezer's collection in the cities of Riga, Moscow, Novosibirsk
1995 "Drouot" Auction (France)
“A.Glezer's collection” (Pushkin’s Museum of Private Collections)
“Decadence III” (Expo-center of N.Novgorod)
1996“18 century” - personal exhibition in the Expo-center of N.Novgorod
1997-2000Personal exhibitions in the “Russian century” Gallery
2004”A waxworks exhibition of doctor Redox” (Art Salon in N. Novgorod)
2005“Triumph of Pananyra” (Profoto Gallery Nizhniy Novgorod)
2006“Hares and Elvises” (Profoto Gallery Nizhniy Novgorod)
2007«“Still-lifes in Archimboldo’s spirits” (Assembly of wooden sculpture, Izhevsk)
2008 “For our victory” (“Record” movie center)
"TVs" (Nizhniy Novgorod fair)
2009 “Forever ours!” (“Record” movie center)
“TVs" Kandinsky's award
2010 “Gas" Kandinsky's award
"Kerchiefs" (A-III Gallery, Nizhniy Novgorod)
2011"Kerchiefs" Italy

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