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Alexey Ermushev

Alexey Ermushev was born in Dzerzhinsk of Gorkyi Rregion in 1961. In 1978 he has graduated from Physics and Math school № 18 in Moscow (now the School named after A.N.Kolmogorov). In 1986 Alexey finished the Physical faculty of the Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov (Quantum statistics and field theory Department) where he specialized in the theoretical physics. In 1989-91 he worked at the Institute of the Physics of Earth of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, where he was the first to use fractals for describing inversions of the geomagnetic field of Earth. Since 2007 he got interested in Fractal Art. He uses his own algorithms of generation of fractal images employing the Apophysis software. In 2009 Alexey was among the winners of Benoit Mandelbrot FractalArt Contest 2009. The works of winners of that competition in 2010 were exposed in Bilbao (Spain), Buenos Aires (Brazil) and Hyderabad (India) within the bounds of the program of International Congress of Mathematicians.

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